1.1 Interview with Jade McDougall / Marilyn Dumont’s “Letter to Sir John A Macdonald”

In this first official / full-length episode of Teachin’ Books, host Jessica McDonald talks to Ph.D. candidate and instructor Jade McDougall about teaching Marilyn Dumont’s “Letter to Sir John A Macdonald.” So, today we’re teachin’ POEMS, y’all.

  • Find more about Jade here.
  • Find Marilyn Dumont’s poem “Letter to Sir John A Macdonald” at Muskrat Magazine.
  • More information about Idle No More’s National Week of Action (Oct 19-Oct 23 2020) in solidarity with Mi’kmaq fishers and Mi’kmaq treaty rights can be found here.
  • See more details about Marie Battiste’s edited book Living Treaties: Narrating Mi’kmaw Treaty Relations.

The podcast music is by Dyalla Swain, whose work you can find here. The podcast graphics are by today’s rad guest, @muskrathands.

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**Read the transcript for this episode here.**