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1.16 Interview with Jordan Bolay / Dungeons & Dragons

1.15 Robert Montgomery's Public Poetry Installations

1.14 Interview with Rebekah Ludolph / Hiromi Goto's "The Kappa Child"

1.13 Janelle Monáe's "Pynk" and Vivek Shraya's "Part-time Woman"

1.12 Interview with Taylor Brown / Thomas King's Inconvenient Indian

1.10 Interview with Tara Chambers / André Alexis's Fifteen Dogs

Holiday Special 2020

1.9 Interview with Jocelyne Vogt / Harold Cardinal's "A Canadian What the Hell It's All About"

1.8 Douglas Coupland's JPod

1.7 Interview with Anita Smith / William Shakespeare's & Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan's As You Like It

1.6 Interview with Catherine Nygren / The Stanley Parable

1.5 Instapoetry

1.4 Interview with Alice Munro Book Club Members / Alice Munro's Dear Life

1.3 Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go

1.2 Interview with Joanne Leow / David Chariandy's Brother

1.1 Interview with Jade McDougall / Marilyn Dumont's "Letter to Sir John A Macdonald"

0.0 Trailer / Intro & Intentions