1.12 Interview with Taylor Brown / Thomas King’s The Inconvenient Indian

On today’s episode of Teachin’ Books, undergraduate student Taylor Brown shares her experiences working as a tour guide while she was also reading and thinking through Thomas King’s 2012 non-fiction work The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America.

Topics from our chat include: being subversive despite/versus the constraints and norms of a profession; navigating Canada’s history and geography as a settler tour guide in a position of authority; and the realities and difficulties of blending history, education, story, and entertainment. Plus, hear me struggle to find the right words to talk about the youths!

  • Order The Inconvenient Indian from your local bookstore. In Saskatoon, I like Turning the Tide and McNally Robinson.
  • Here’s the tweet by @SusannaLHarris that I refer to in the episode.
  • You can follow Taylor on Instagram @bookclub.bby!
  • Check out the events and schedule for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Storytelling Month, put on by Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples and the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild.

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