1.14 Interview with Rebekah Ludolph / Hiromi Goto’s The Kappa Child

Heeeeey y’all! We’re back to talkin’ about book clubs today as Ph.D. candidate Rebekah Ludolph shares her experience reading Hiromi Goto’s novel The Kappa Child (2001) in a book club that encourages the goal of reading to learn. At the same time, Rebekah complicates the idea of reading for “social change” and draws from her doctoral research to discuss the nuances, limitations, and possibilities in the act of reading.

Other topics of the episode include: types of readers and reading strategies; the labour of reading (and why reading is not, by itself, “the work” of social justice or social change); and book clubs as spaces of vulnerability in which we might bump up against unfamiliar or new ideas. If you’re a book club member, lover, or hater, I think you’ll want to listen to this chat!

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