1.21 Interview with Lucy Hinnie / Teaching Shakespeare: Comedy and History

We're back to teachin' Shakespeeeeeare today! This episode features an interview with my lovely friend and brilliant human Dr. Lucy Hinnie! Lucy is currently Wikimedian-in-Residence at the British Library, and is completing her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Saskatchewan. 

In the course of our convo about the second-year Shakespeare: Comedy and History class that Lucy taught in 2020, we get into: how to demystify Shakespeare for those who are intimidated by his work; attending with care to the social and political issues raised by studying Shakespeare's work, such as consent and colonialism; the problem with worrying about “anachronism” in our work on historical literature; critique is not cancellation, “Shakespeare be Shakespeare!,” burn it all down (!!!), and more. It's a fun one, y'all.

The podcast music is by Dyalla Swain and the graphics are by @muskrathands.

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 **The transcript for this episode, once available, will be here.**