1.22 Louise Halfe – Sky Dancer’s Blue Marrow and “Body Politics”

On today's solo episode of Teachin' Books, I'm talking about the work of acclaimed poet Louise Bernice Halfe, whose Cree name is Sky Dancer.

In particular, I'm talking about an excerpt from Blue Marrow and a short poem called “Body Politics” from Bear Bones & Feathers. For the former: I get into the topic of prairie poetry, prairie literature, and prairie identity, complicated as these formations are, and for the latter, I discuss gender, “womanhood,” and “real” versus “artificial” bodies.

Content warning: In my discussion of Halfe's work, I address issues such as settler-colonialism and its attendant violences, abuse by colonial institutions and the Catholic Church, and residential schools. Please take care. 

The podcast music is by Dyalla Swain and the graphics are by @muskrathands.

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 **The transcript for this episode, once available, will be here.**