1.23 Failure in/and Teaching

Today I'm talkin' FAILURE.

With contributions from friends, colleagues, listeners who shared their stories and thoughts about failure, as well as my own experiences and ideas, this episode gets into: the “meta” experience of failing to read enough about failure to do an episode on it; learning in theory versus learning through practice; sharing failures with students as “parting gifts,” as icebreakers, as a lesson in self-reflexivity, as a practice of vulnerability, of transparency, or just to knock over the performative bullshit of “excellence” in teaching and learning.

I hope you enjoy! Get in touch with me if you have more thoughts about failure in/and teaching.

(PS Carl,  widely adored podcast mascot, research assistant, and longtime Build-a-Bear friend of my adult life, is pictured here because he never fails. He's a nonstop WINNER.)

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