1.6 Interview with Catherine Nygren / The Stanley Parable

Y’all. Today we’re teachin’ VIDEO GAAAMES and I’m so excited! I’m not really a big gamer, but I loved chatting with Catherine Nygren about the ways she incorporates The Stanley Parable into her intro to literature classes.

  • To download The Stanley Parable, or to access a free demo and/or watch the trailer, find it on Steam. You can find out more about the game on its Wikipedia page, but of course beware of spoilers if you plan to venture into the game “unspoiled” first. 😊
  • Check out the handout Catherine uses in her classes on The Stanley Parable.
  • Catherine would like to highlight a couple of blog posts about The Stanley Parable that she is beholden to: one by Javy Gwaltney and another by Gregory Anderson. There’s also a newer post by Zachary Hartzman that has a lesson plan connected to making decisions (and he has other lesson plans for teaching with games – check them out!).
  • Here is the Wiki we refer to a few times that describes the different Stanley Parable endings.
  • Find more about Ian Bogost’s concept “procedural rhetoric.”
  • Here is more about adrienne maree brown’s Pleasure Activism.
  • You can find more about the FableLabs Tales app on their website, and there you can also get a link to Tonia Laird’s Poster Girl. Find out more about Laird’s work in this news story.

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