1.7 Interview with Anita Smith / William Shakespeare’s & Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s As You Like It

We’re talkin’ Shakespeare today!

In this episode, I chat with theatre artist Anita Smith about her production of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It for Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s 2019 season.

We talk about the parallels between directing and teaching, about why she chose Alice in Wonderland as a “hook” for the show, about directing As You Like It in the era of Trump, and about how the practicalities of labour and bodies inform what we can do in theatre and education (spoiler alert: it turns out audiences and students have material bodies with needs!).

The podcast music is by Dyalla Swain, whose work you can find here. The podcast graphics are by @muskrathands.

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**Read the transcript for this episode here.**

Thank you to Anita for the permission to use this episode’s photograph, which is from the 2019 As You Like It production put on by Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. Here are additional photo credits:

  • Photographer: Deborah Marshall
  • Director: Anita Smith
  • Set Designer: Stephen Wade
  • Lighting Designer: Will Brooks
  • Costume Designer: Beverley Kobelsky
  • Kate Herriot as Rosalind