2.4 Interview with Shana MacDonald / Feminist Think Tank and Instagram Research, Activism, and Education

Today's podcast is all about the ways we teach, learn, and work with… Instagraaaaaaaaam!

I'm so excited to share with you this conversation I had with Shana MacDonald, who is an Associate Professor in Communication Arts at the University of Waterloo and the current President of the Film Studies Association of Canada.

On today's episode, Shana talks about her funded, collaborative, interdisciplinary research-creation project Feminist Think Tank,  @aesthetic.resistance on Instagram, and we get into: turning Instagram into an activist tool; collaborative editing, learning, and peer-to-peer mentorship models; teaching with/and social media; securing funding for awesome feminist research-creation projects like Shana's; centring rest and care for ourselves and each other as a core part of research and teaching projects; and so much more. Listen and enjoy!

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