1.17 Listener Q&A / Catch-Up Episode!

Today's episode is a bit of a catch-up / breather: I'm answering a few listener questions and emails and, along the way, returning to some of the podcast's ongoing topics of interest.

Topics like… statue activism, book clubs (I ask: why do some last and some don't?), recording the podcast, teaching challenging texts, and the often energizing circumstance of teaching students who think English is a whole bunch of bullshit. I hope you enjoy!

The podcast music is by Dyalla Swain. The podcast graphics are by @muskrathands.

Email me at teachinbookspod@gmail.com. As you'll hear in this episode, I'd love to hear from you if you have been in a longstanding book club and have thoughts about why it has lasted so long, and I'd also love to hear from other folks who have taught Marian Engel's Bear.

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 **The transcript for this episode, once available, will be here.**